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2017 exam Do not try to do it yet, we will do it during the last lecture, and there are things you do not know yet.

Fix test for 5.5:

Go to your library containing your version of the notebook. Click on the tests folder. Once you are in the tests folder, click on the New button, choose New from URL and past the following URL: . The filename should then automatically appear. Click Ok, confirm that you want to overwrite the file. If your notebook was already started, you need to restart the kernel to use the new test file.

Note on 5.6:

The text should read:

Implement your own factorial function to calculate n!. Return 1 immediately if n is 1 or 0, otherwise use a loop to compute n!. You can use Pythons own math.factorial(x) to check your code.

An exception should be thrown/raised if the number n is negative.

Do not try to catch this exception, as the text previously asked.